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Drupal 7 Explained: Your Step-by-Step Guide

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Brief Overview: 

Drupal 7 Explained requires absolutely no experience with Drupal, content management, website construction, programming, scripting, or even HTML. Discover what Drupal does and how it works; then install Drupal 7, master site administration, simplify site creation via workflows, create highly-usable navigation, and much more.

Non Website Award Category: 

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.Planning a site that will be easy to build and manage .Installing Drupal and setting it up to work reliably and securely .Quickly finding the Drupal tools and features you’re looking for .Mastering an easy 3-step workflow for creating new content .Delivering more interesting content with fields and new content types .Creating intuitive site structures and user navigation .Adding powerful site features with just a few clicks .Completely redesigning your site in minutes with Themes .Adding site search, registration, and more .Presenting content in tables, lists, grids, or photo galleries .Creating advanced layouts and 2- or 3-column designs .Controlling what users on your site can see and do .Preparing your site for launch .Administering and updating a live site efficiently and safely
Who Made It: 
Steve Burge