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Blue Drop Awards Annual Drupal Site Nominations Closing

on Thu, 05/01/2014 - 22:03

Blue Drop Awards, the independent, nominated, voted event, is announcing the close of the 2014 Drupal site nominations. Final nominations can be made until May 5, 2014 at midnight. Current nominees can be viewed on their website.

Created in 2012, Blue Drop Awards aims to publicly recognize the excellent individuals, companies and projects that have pushed the limits and maximized the capabilities of Drupal, the open source content management system. In the three years since it started, Blue Drop Awards has grown to 24 different nomination categories.

Drupal -- the open source content management system -- has experienced phenomenal growth since its release back in 2001. As of February 2014, 2.1% of all websites run on Drupal. With over 950M sites on the internet today, that comes to nearly 20M sites. As a result, the community has grown to over 31,000 developers that not only build these sites, but also the 30,000 modules (over 25,000 of them are free) -- oh and don't forget the numerous books on the subject.

"As a community-supported CMS, it only stands to reason that it should have its own community-supported award. Blue Drop Awards has aimed to fill this void," expressed Tracy Cooper, the 2014 Blue Drop Awards Coordinator. Cooper believes that with each passing year, the growing support for the awards will also bring more awareness to Drupal and the Drupal community: "The more buzz generated, the better."

She went on to explain that even though nominations take place only one time a year, they have a continued need for sponsors, volunteers, and donations. "None of us get paid to do this -- it's all for love." Those wanting to help can get more information at the Blue Drop Award website.

Voting for the Blue Drop Awards begins on May 12, 2014 and ends May 23, 2014. Awards for the winning sites will be presented at DrupalCon Austin on June 4th.