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Frequently asked questions


What are the important dates? When does voting begin?

All dates are approximate and can change without notice. We will try to post any changes on this website.

  1. Early-Bird Nomination period: April 7 - 21
  2. Standard Nomination period ends May 5
  3. Finalists selected by Blue Drop Awards Committee: May 5-11
  4. Public voting from the list of finalists: May 12
  5. Voting ends May 26, Midnight CST
  6. Award Ceremony DrupalCon Austin, Texas: June 4

How do nominations work?

Nominations are simple and go something like this:

  1. Sign up for an account.
  2. Read the nomination requirements to gather the required information.
  3. Fill out and complete the Create Nominee form for each site.
  4. If you need to, save it and finish later. It's a great idea to bookmark it so you can find it easily.
  5. Pay the $10 submission fee via PayPal.
  6. Important: When you have completely filled out the online nomination form, make sure that the Finished drop-down field is set to Nomination is complete and click the Save button.

Unless notified otherwise, you are finished nominating. You can nominate another website now! Here's what happens next:

  1. Within 2-3 business days, the Nomination Committee will review your nomination.
  2. If it approved, you will receive an email and your nomination will go live on the website.
  3. If it is not approved, you will receive an email explaining why and what you need to do.

What to do if there are any hiccups? Contact us using the Feedback form. We're pretty good about responding quickly.


Are there prizes for winning a Drupal Award?

Blue Drop Awards was created to promote the Drupal community and the people and companies in it. The biggest reward that the community can give is recognition and accolades for a job well done. The winning websites and the companies behind them will also receive:

  • A plaque showing their winning category.
  • A badge (something like you see here) that links back to verifying that they are the winner.
  • Feature listings on the Blue Drop Awards Showcase website.
  • Publicity opportunities throughout the year which may include press releases, case studies, interviews, podcasts, and news stories.

Drupal is a meritocracy. Won't this short circuit that process?

We hope not! We respect Drupal's meritocracy system. We hope the Blue Drop Awards will make it easier to see the outcomes and to highlight some of the countless ways that the community contributes to Drupal. Ultimately, the community will decide who wins, so the meritocracy system is an inherent part of the Blue Drop Awards.


Do I have to be the developer or owner to nominate?

No! You can nominate ANY qualifying site, even if you didn't even touch it! If you just like it, you can nominate it. It's helpful if you know who the developer is or a contact at the owner organization. If we have time, we'll try to help but we may not have time. That's the risk. If we (or you) find someone who knows a lot more about it, we may transition the node to that person so they can add the details.

Who is behind this?

Blue Drop Awards is the collaboration of several individuals and companies in the Drupal community. Currently, General Committee members include Erik Wagner and Ben Finklea. We are adamant that a diverse committee membership would be a great benefit. Please help us. We are looking for volunteers to join the organizing committee and to head up several different initiatives around this event. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us.


How can I help?

Hey, thanks for asking!

Volunteer. If you are going to be at DrupalCon Austin or have some spare time to help out with some other things, we'd love to have you. There is no shortage of stuff to do.

Go to our Volunteer page and you'll see all the things you can help with. Then shoot us an email to let us know what you would like to help with. Can you help with several things? Sweet!

Sponsor. There are many different category levels for which you can sponsor. Your sponsorships pay for the website, marketing, and -- of course -- the awards at the annual DrupalCon.

Donate. Don't have time to volunteer and can't sponsor, but still want to help? We always accept donations of any size.

Still have questions? Do not hesitate to send us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you again!


Who is on the Nominating Committee? How does it work?

We need volunteers for the Nominating Committee! If you want to volunteer, please contact us.

Note: any member of the Blue Drop Awards Nomination Committee may NOT approve or evaluate their own nomination (if applicable). 

Nominating Committee members will review each submission for completeness and approve it as eligible to compete.


How much does it cost to nominate?

  • There is a $10 submission fee for each website.

Is this event officially sanction by the Drupal Association or Dries Buytaert?

The Blue Drop Awards is an independent event. We are supported by the Drupal Association (DA) but it's not an official DA or Dries Buytaert-sanctioned program.

We need more volunteers and support, if you are interested in volunteering, sponsoring, or just to make a donation, please do! You can always contact us.


Is there an awards ceremony?

YES! We will be celebrating the winners and the entire Drupal community at DrupalCon in Austin, Texas.

We will be presenting awards (and having a get together with anyone who also wants to celebrate Drupal with us) on June 4th. To keep up with dates, times and places, please fill out our contact form.


How will you handle conflicts of interest?

Since Blue Drop Awards is both nominated and voted on by the Drupal community, it seems unlikely for a conflict to occur. However, if a conflict does arise, the Organizing Committee will discuss and come to a decision that keeps the awards fair and unbiased.


I would like to nominate a site that fits two categories. How do I decide which one?

Try to ask yourself which one it mostly fits into. If you just can't decide, err on the side of the more specific award.

(Non-Drupal) Examples:

  • is primarily an Enterprise website, even though they've got a great ecommerce store.
  • is primarily an Marketplace website, even though it's part of a much larger enterprise website.
  • is primarily a Marketplace website, even though they have some social and enterprise components.
  • is primarily a Community website although it has a lot of Enterprise and Non-profit characteristics.

Whose idea was this?

Lots of people had this idea, actually. Check it out:
viksit: "I think the community would benefit a lot if the Drupal Dev team was to set up a Drupal Site Award, given out in various categories."
qgil: "Good for Drupal…and good for all of us"
robertDouglass: "This is a good idea."
kbahey: "I think is a great idea…I am for that idea for sure."
radiofreebc: "Cool idea!…we should be proud of what people are building with drupal."
mikerouse: "Love it…I'm all for this idea."
Amix: "Sounds like a great idea :)"
"My ultimate desire for this site is to help other people get publicity for their site, show what drupal can do, and ultimately be a show case of why drupal is chosen by so many great sites..."
Junro: "We should create a drupal awards…to award developers work. Lot of them past a big time of their life-time to help Drupal development."
SimonV: "That's a great idea…"
Can't really quote this one, it's in Swedish!

Most recently, a few guys at Volacci took the initiative to make this great idea a reality. To best incorporate the voice of the Drupal community, we're looking for volunteers to help us make this a community event. Interested? Visit the Volunteer Page.


What categories are considered for awards?

As you are choosing a category for your nomination, please make sure that the site matches the definitions spelled out on the Nomination Requirements page.


Why have awards for the Drupal community? What purpose does this serve?

The Blue Drop Awards will create at least three positive opportunities for the Drupal community.

  1. It generates buzz outside the Drupal community. Many have expressed frustration that Drupal does not get the press and attention that it deserves considering the number of high-profile sites that use it. This event is one piece of the solution to that problem.
  2. It creates positive publicity for the nominees, finalists, and winners. The awards acknowledge a job well done within the community. Members of the community log a lot of thankless hours and the best work deserves recognition.
  3. It generates a showcase of award-winning Drupal projects. This will be helpful for people evaluating Drupal, looking for new ideas, or wondering the best ways to create Drupal sites by showing off the best of what Drupal has to offer.

I notice that there are sponsors. Where does the money go?

Sponsorship funds and individual donations are used in the following ways:

  1. Paying for the expenses related to creating and running Blue Drop Awards. This may include things like awards, trophies, design, hosting, website development, marketing, events and press releases.
  2. Prizes awarded to the winning websites and the site builders behind them.
  3. Increasing the awareness of Drupal outside the community. We plan to create marketing materials and an ongoing podcast highlighting winners, finalists and nominees throughout the year. We intend to support the community's efforts represented here: and here:

Who can nominate? Who can vote?

Nominations can be submitted by anyone. You may nominate projects you have worked or any work produced in the community that you deem worthy.

Anyone can vote once in each category and once for the Site of the Year award. Each person may only vote one time per category