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Delightful Agony

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Brief Overview: 

As quoted by, "On any given weekday, thousands of athletes will run or cycle along the beautiful Southern California roads and trails. Peter O’Sullivan and his business partner, Greg Elias have rode together nearly every Saturday- often with other cyclists who compete in professional and amateur events. Many of the cyclists and athletes they rode with made a point to ride upcoming race courses ahead of time. 'Like any competitive sport, cycling is a tremendous physical challenge, so knowing the course helps them make it to the finish line ahead of the competition,' states Elias. 'The challenge was: most event courses where geographically too hard to reach and practice on before race day. Moreover, many train indoors where there was no ability to train to a specific race course at all.' "

For these reasons O'Sullivan and Elias came up with the idea of Delightful Agony, to help athletes train effectively for upcoming races with a virtual roadmap and video to emulate the same experience. All users have to do is upload their GoPro video and Garmin GPS file to the Delightful Agony website and sync. As a result other users can now virtually train the same ride anywhere at any time.

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