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Sentizens- One Stop Shop for Seniors

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Brief Overview: 

This project is developed from scratch by Faichi Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

The idea of building a social network for senior citizens was conceptualized by our client, Zlife Systems Pvt. Ltd, and supported by one of the renowned construction groups of India, Paranjape Schemes Constructions Ltd. Currently in India alone, there are 98 million people who are aged 60+, and that number is expected to rise to around 173 million by 2026, or 12.6% of the Indian population. With these numbers in mind, our client wanted to build a dedicated social networking platform that focuses on the holistic living needs of senior citizens.

Together with our client, we chose Drupal 7.23 as the open source technology to successfully build

We used:
• Drupal Commons 3 for prebuilt applications
• Drupal modules like Panels Ajax tabs to show events
• Drupal modules Memcache & XHPr and increased RAM to handle more requests
• Developed & contributed new Drupal modules for customized features.

We partnered with our client from conceptualization to deployment and have engaged in a long term relationship. We are currently scaling up the business model through phase wise development, ongoing support & Mobile App conceptualization.

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