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Victoria Gourmet

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Brief Overview: 

Victoria Gourmet is the purveyor of exceptional exotic spices, salts and blends used by gourmet chefs and home cooks alike. They sought a new website design that showcased their well-developed brand, but offered clean simplicity in design.

Victoria Gourmet’s previous website consisted of an ecommerce platform provided by their retail distribution partner. While this site served their consumer base with online shopping, it left the company at a loss for opportunities for self-management of new content and limited capabilities with their blog.

Their new Drupal 7 site provides seamless integration with their ecommerce platform, as well as deep search functions that assist visitors with finding recipes, blog posts and other content related to their products. They are able to maintain the site themselves, adding new content continuously which they can then leverage via social media and marketing efforts to continue to engage their audience and drive online sales.

Award Category: 

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