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Sally Hansen

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Brief Overview: 

When shoppers choose a nail polish, their decision is largely based on the specific shade that they are looking for. What matches their outfit and which one expresses their personality best? With this key insight we developed the powerful colour search tool. Each nail colour product is available in a wide range of shades from across the spectrum. By individually tagging each shade with a relevant colour group we are able to create a dynamic shade wall to inspire users and aid them in finding the perfect product for their look. Social plays a huge role in the modern beauty brand experience, and the social feed we developed aggregates Sally's social accounts into one central feed pulling through from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This gives fans a simple way to keep up to date with the brand using the website as a central hub, and provides Sally Hansen with the ability to curate the best social content from around the web and use that to support their own messaging. Users can register for the site using their Facebook account, allowing them to leave reviews and provide valuable feedback on their experiences using Sally Hansen products.

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