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Brief Overview: 

This project was a significantly successful blend of form and functionality. Not only is the site visually appealing and reflective of the dynamic nature of culture in the city of London, it offers a back-end functionality and ease of use that enables its non-technically-inclined user base to continue to maintain the site without compromising its visual impact.

Due to the fact that London Culture offers a variety of content types to its audience, the use of Drupal provides the councils with the functionality required to meet their customer’s needs. As a one-stop resource for culture in the city – used by both those searching for cultural activities and those creating those cultural activities – there needed be tremendous flexibility in the functionality, scope, and process while still having a consistent appearance that could be maintained by the councils’ staff.

Anecdotally, the councils have reported an overwhelmingly positive response to the new site. It has captured the excitement of the cultural community in London, has served to provide people with a more intuitive and effective navigation and content structure, and is allowing its users to remain at the fore of the local cultural zeitgeist through the implementation of the CMS.

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