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Down Syndrome Foundation of Orange County

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Brief Overview: has allowed DSF to expand their presence as a premier resource for educational materials to support students with Down Syndrome and other students with visual learning strengths. This site empowers parents, teachers and other Down syndrome organizations by offering a plethora of information and teaching resources through its Learning Program/Online Store. Drupal has also enabled DSF to scale the site to support a Learning Program Archive, through which it distributes free instructional guides and a substantial library of free learning materials in English, Spanish, and Korean (coming soon). Although it launched only recently, the site already has over 1,300 registered users accessing learning resources. The site has also incorporated a donation feature, which makes it easy for users to support DSF financially and enables DSF to continue its work in the field of Down Syndrome education. deserves a Blue Drop Award because the site makes unique and valuable resources available around world to improve education for children with Down syndrome.

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