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Cambridge Community Foundation

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Brief Overview: 

The technical reasons why CCF should win are because of the site’s responsive design, architecture, and user experience. In a thank you letter to ISITE Design Rick Harriman, president of CCF, and Bob Hurlbut, executive director of CCF, had this to say about the new website. “We love it. The design is beautiful. The architecture and user experience are very intuitive and well thought out. The Drupal developer who is maintaining the site has commented on the elegant use of technology. We couldn’t be happier. We recognize that ISITE delivered a site much bigger than our budget. You went above and beyond to build a site with a great content managements system and responsive design."

By making the site responsive CCF is immediately years ahead of many of its competitors and ready for the future. Additionally by implementing Drupal as a CMS it provides the site with the ability to continue to grow and expand as necessary with relatively low cost to the CCF.

The real reason why the CCF website should win is because of the organization’s mission and because they are a valuable resource to the Cambridge community. The ISITE team believes that CCF deserves the recognition for the amazing work they do in the local community.

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