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Italy Magazine

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Brief Overview: 

Since 1999, ITALY Magazine has been the world’s most trusted source for everything authentically Italian. Produced by an international community of Italophiles, the online magazine delivers content celebrating beauty and authenticity in Italian travel, lifestyle, news, language, and food. Since Bluespark has broad experience in the travel vertical, the team was a natural fit to provide a complete overhaul for ITALY Magazine. Not only was Bluespark’s creative team able to give the site an easy-to-navigate and appealing visual design, the tech team leveraged its open source know-how to build in meaningful functionality for ITALY Magazine’s readers.

For an online magazine, content is king—and ITALY Magazine delivers—but content alone is not enough. Online magazine readers need to be able to easily browse articles, dig deeper on topics of interest, and engage in meaningful ways with content, with other readers, and with the magazine’s advertisers. The better the site, the more value readers perceive, the more often readers return, and the more visibility advertisers get. Happy advertisers mean more revenue for ITALY Magazine. It’s a simple cause and effect scenario—one that Bluespark had a hand in crafting.

In addition to building the site and the powerful administrative backend that helps ITALY Magazine’s geographically dispersed contributors manage the site, Bluespark also developed a social media strategy for ITALY Magazine, including Facebook (now at 80,000 fans), Twitter (now at almost 19,000 followers), and LinkedIn. Bluespark’s social media strategy effectively extends ITALY Magazine’s reader engagement and involvement which, in turn, feeds its marketability and profitability.

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