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Brief Overview: 

NuStep is an exercise equipment company, located in Michigan, focused on improving cardiac health for individuals one step at a time. They inspire consumers to live an active and healthy lifestyle by providing equipment and support for their customers. NuStep was founded in 1987 by the current CEO, Dick Sarns. He started his first company to build a heart/lung machine for cardiac surgery patients. He then began research about exercise products for cardiac rehabilitation. The company continues to innovate and expand their product offerings to include new cross trainer models along with a full line of various accessories. NuStep is headquartered in Michigan, and they are set on keeping their operations in America, in order to ensure the high quality of their products. This website was created for NuStep by Enlighten, using Drupal.

Enlighten, located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is an integrated Digital Marketing Agency that collaborates across multiple disciplines to create integrative and compelling solutions in order to deliver the most value to their customers. Enlighten’s engineers build websites, Facebook pages, Smartphone apps, coupon apps, games, product visualizers, banners and other applications and products that will engage customers and strengthen a company’s marketing strategy. This company was founded in 1983 and was one of the first digital marketing firms that emerged, transitioning from the Floppy Disk, to the CD Rom, to the Internet, and now on to new emerging media outlets such as applications and social media. They focus on digital marketing needs by producing websites, banner ads, and mobile applications for companies like Audi, Fruit2O, Hunter Douglas, illy, and many more. They believe that every website has a unique story to tell and should be based on the client’s needs. Enlighten has 15 active large clients, 15 smaller type clients (that they handle maintenance and support for), and 100 employees.

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