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Portland State College of the Arts

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Brief Overview: 

The PSU College of the Arts approached OpenSourcery with a concept of a site to harmonize with a re-branding campaign. The College of the Arts and its four affiliated schools each had individual sites with different sub-brands and site goals. The new site merges the five sites into one, while maintaining individualized branding to differentiate the four schools from each other.

Opensourcery was chosen as the development and design firm to build the suite. The scope of work was roughly:

Redesign and re-architect the College of the Arts homepage. Work within an existing (huge) multi-site install Extend campus-wide base theme and branding to the new College of the Arts(CoTA) sub theme: Apply existing CoTA offline branding to their new website Merging multisite installation into one site, while maintaining separate menu and content architecture

Award Category: 

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