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Fanshawe Pioneer Village Mobile Application

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Brief Overview: is built on Drupal 6 and is an active site. The Virtual Village content on the Desktop site is being accessed in two manners, 1) by the D6 desktop site and 2) by the html5 mobile app,

Drupal is being used by the mobile app as a data management system (content types, fields, etc) and then we use JSON to pull that data into our HTML5 mobile app.

So instead of using a Drupal theme for display the data, we are using JSON and a basic HTML5 app to display the data. Otherwise, storage, management, etc are all powered by Drupal. The mobile app is an enhancement of the virtual village on the Drupal 6 desktop virtual village section.

The Fanshawe Pioneer Village mobile tour application puts a world of history literally in the palm of your hand.

It seamlessly integrates with the existing Web site and print pieces, complementing their efforts, but providing information in a quick and accessible manner. It offers multilingual functionality that services the three key linguistic target demographics that Fanshawe attracts: English, French, and Spanish.

Simplicity was the name of the game. Due to the self-guided nature of the tour, along with the various language requirements, Digital Echidna needed to develop a solution that was intuitive, allowed for quick-and-easy visual orientation, and was easy to use.

The site just launched in February and has already attracted interest by the spring and summer users – which was an ancillary benefit. People are using it to complement the existing programming and initial feedback is that it is clear, effective, and entertaining.

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