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Engineering is Elementary

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Brief Overview: 

OHO mapped a project plan that overhauled the website's information architecture and incorporated a branding review. We evaluated existing user flows, sales processes, and market strategy before diving into user experience design and development.

Brand Strategy The confusing site navigation and poor user experience were due to a lack of clarity around EIE’s offerings. While the organization’s product line had expanded, the website had done a poor job of communicating the unique offerings of the individual products. By developing an overarching identity for EIE, identities for each product, and a style guide that helped outline brand characteristics for each, we created a foundation for clearly showcasing EIE’s mission and their curriculums on their site.

User Experience Design Building off of our brand strategy, we created an information architecture for the website that incorporated the main brand and the three products in a way that would make sense to the site visitor. Each EIE curriculum targets a specific audience, from elementary and middle school teachers to out-of-school time program administrators to after-school and camp directors. By identifying and incorporating the buying process for each of these groups into the site’s information architecture, we designed an intuitive user experience that will appeal to prospective buyers for each product.

Development EIE’s website was built on Drupal 7, however the partner that did the original implementation had very little experience with Drupal which led to major technical issues and the need for an overhaul. OHO’s experience in building Drupal sites was invaluable. We rebuilt the Drupal 7 site from scratch in order to give EIE a content management system and website that addressed their needs. The new “Drupal done right” CMS exceeded their expectations by eliminating their pain points and their reliance on an additional proprietary CMS that had been in use.

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