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Conceptual Academy

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Brief Overview: 

Conceptual Academy is a website maintained by the authors of the "conceptual" line of textbooks, including Conceptual Physics, Conceptual Chemistry, Conceptual Physical Science, and Conceptual Integrated Science, both college and high school editions. This site hosts hundreds of the author's video lessons, which are organized by the table of contents of each of their written textbooks. Thus, students have a choice when directed to read a particular section within a chapter. They can read that section or they can come to Conceptual Academy to watch the video lessons associated with that section. Ideally, the student does both with an emphasis on one or the other depending upon their needs and learning styles.

This site was launched early so that it can grow based upon the feedback of instructors and students. Instructors are encouraged to register so they may be notified of updates. The authors’ video lessons are offered free of charge to all users. Students support the further development of the site when they pay a modest registration fee that provides them access to additional resources, such as practice quizzes, practice exams, and author-written chapter summaries.

An underlying goal of Conceptual Academy is to provide the support an instructor may need to implement the “flipped classroom” model. Within this model, students are introduced to academic content before coming to class so that they are ready to apply this content during class through an assortment of student-centered learning activities.

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