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Deleon Realty

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Brief Overview: 

DeLeon Realty is a truly outstanding organization—and home to one of the top real estate agents in the nation. But as their business grew, their website fell further and further behind the times. It lacked the visual appeal, professionalism, and intuitive search functionality that its sophisticated clientele demanded.

Project6 worked with the DeLeon team to not only rethink the website architecture, design, and content strategy, but also to capture and portray the unique approach, confidence, and spirit of excellence that is the heart and soul of the DeLeon brand. The site leverages a Drupal content management system so the site content is easy to maintain and employs responsive design and Twitter Bootstrap framework for a seamless user experience across all devices, including phones, tablets, and desktops.

The new DeLeon website has received rave reviews. Visitors to the site can research Silicon Valley cities and neighborhoods, browse interactive maps for relevant property listings, conduct detailed, filtered property searches, and watch compelling videos authored by the DeLeon team. It is truly a site that makes DeLeon’s expertise—and its homes—shine.

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