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Trip Advisor Insights

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Brief Overview: 

Working with TripAdvisor for Business marketing, product, and engineering teams, Bluespark developed TripAdvisor Insights on the Drupal 7 content management framework, migrated the existing content from the 7 different language WordPress sites into a single instance, leveraging the new technology stack to provide a vastly improved platform including:

  • Reliable, scalable Drupal infrastructure that integrates into the wider TripAdvisor infrastructure.
  • Integrated language negotiation for seamless deployment across 21 languages, including streamlined automated language translations process for articles via an API between Drupal and TripAdvisor’s localization vendor.
  • Faceted and keyword-based search that is language aware for organizing content by category and tag.
  • An easy to use, powerful and flexible page layout engine that adapts to content needs and is customizable directly by content creators through a graphical interface.
  • An option to create highly customized and branded PDF material on the fly, allowing content creators to write content once and use across a variety of platforms, including print distribution.

The platform was launched in August 2013 and it successfully serves as the central hub for a range of marketing efforts within the TripAdvisor for Business division. New content is published daily in 21 languages. The Bluespark and TripAdvisor teams are now focused on creating topic landing pages to better surface popular content, and increasing overall analytics and metrics capabilities.

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