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New England B2B Networking

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Brief Overview: 

Founded on the premise that B2B companies seek a different kind of networking experience than B2C businesses, New England B2B Networking was built by well-known and established networking consultant Kevin Willett. As a professional networker, Kevin could see the void that existed in the industry that was not filled by private and other membership-based programs.

The website helped to launch the group in 2013 and was a vital aspect to the initial member recruitment effort. While the founder had a strong influence in the small business community, this organization needed to reach out to larger organizations and corporations, who had not previously experienced the founder’s knowledge and reach in the industry.

The site features include:

- Self-maintained member profiles that promote the members’ services;
- An integrated blog where all members can post content;
- Ad rotator with campaign management system;
- Video playback capability on the home page and in blog posts;
- Integrated online event registration services;
- Content rotator offering networking tips to site visitors

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