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Appnovation Technologies Corporate Site

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Brief Overview: 

Engagement was the keyword during this project. We wanted to be more visual, make our website more attractive and enticing to interact with. Our blog is one of the main drivers of traffic to our website so we decided to start there. We increased our social awareness by adding social share buttons. We added graphic headers to visualize the content, and added a second column with relevant links so users can explore our site.

Appropriate pages allow users to contact us directly without needing to navigate elsewhere. Users can now see relevant content that can enable potential clients to contact us.

The portfolio section is one of the key areas of any website. We know big name clients would attract the most attention so we made our client logos front and centre. Our larger feature projects are highlighted at the top with complimentary projects below. With a bit of JavaScript we were able to create a simple hover over effect that users can interact with.

On our home page, we knew we needed to make an impression. The design and information is very self explanatory and easy to digest. We added features to our home page to help accomplish our goals and get the information users want in as few clicks as possible. Lastly, we added a bit of parallax to our footer to make a generic part of a website a bit more unique.

Award Category: 

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