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California Stormwater Quality Association

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Brief Overview: 

Project6 Design first organized all of CASQA’s content under one “roof”, seamlessly integrating microsite functionality into the main site categories. With stunning imagery of California waterways in hand, Project6 then designed fresh new layouts on a clean, easy-to-navigate, responsive grid. Most importantly, the Drupal content management system enabled developers to assign roles, permissions, and accounts for each user so they could not only manage their own account and purchase information, but also check their membership status and enjoy discounts if eligible—and renew if they were not.

The new CASQA website presents an inspiring vision of California waterways that benefit from CASQA’s work. Visitors navigate intuitively to the information they need, and log in to manage their accounts, group memberships and subscriptions, or to access member-only areas of the site. Best of all, CASQA administrators can quickly and easily edit the site—and access all the reports they need to oversee user information.

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