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Illinois Safe Schools Alliance

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Brief Overview: 

To address the current need of the Alliance, Promet Source delivered a site that was re-engineered and re-designed to better reflect its mission by the use and incorporation of latest web technology. It has more efficient functionality that caters to a bigger, wider viewers and users. The new site truly illustrates the Alliance’s vision.

The Alliance sought to enhance its ability to meet its mission by improving its web presence, its appearance, structure and presentation of content and images to better engage its visitors and members.

Promet gave the site users the ability to connect with Facebook, sign up for the ISSA newsletter, submit testimonials about why they support & donate, and create events. There is a section developed for youth administrators (interns) where they can manage content and create ISSA events. Board Members were given a “log-in” function to view and download documents and resources. Additionally, Promet Source integrated the new site with Mailchimp (a newsletter application) for manage subscriptions to newsletters. The new ISSA site needed to engage its audience with current news and updates. Promet provided an interactive map that allows users to learn about the ISSA’s work across Illinois and view all locations pinned on a map. The map allows the user to filter between public and private schools to find organizations that support the ISSA mission. Each location features contact and address information. Meanwhile, Promet improved the media content section and tailored it specifically to members of the media (e.g. journalists). Here, reporters can access press releases, PR contacts, newsletters and other useful tools.

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